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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Filmaffinity? Why is it useful?
Filmaffinity (FA) is an independent film site where the user is placed at the center of the experience. At Filmaffinity, we do everything we can to nurture your love of film and help you explore the world of cinema! You'll be able to rate your favorite movies, create customized lists, keep a personal film logbook, and above all, find movie recommendations based on your affinity with other users - your Movie Soulmates.

With over 1,050,000 registered users in over 90 countries, FilmAffinity is a leader in a growing, international film community.
What are my Movie Soulmates?
Your Movie Soulmates are registered users whose movie ratings match yours. An algorithm will find your matches based on your own personal movie ratings and those by other users. By finding your Movie Soulmates, you'll be able to check out their ratings for a particular movie before you watch it, or find new stuff to watch!
Why do most of my Movie Soulmates come from Spain?
It’s only natural! FilmAffinity was born in Spain. It has starred in feature articles from major national newspapers and magazines and it is a hugely popular site over there. However, at FA, we have registered users from over 100 countries, and we have recently made a major international move: with our USA/UK, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia & Chile sites, we hope to take more and more of you on board and help spread the FA love worldwide!
Can I check out my Movie Soulmates' ratings anytime?
Of course! You can see their ratings by clicking on their names. You can also view your Movie Soulmates' ratings for particular movies every time you make a search.
Can I change any previous ratings for a specific movie?
Of course. Just click on the drop-down menu, and select a different rating.
Why is my Movie Soulmates' number of ratings important?
Sometimes it might be important. For instance, a match of 95% with someone who has only rated one out of ten movies that you have rated would not be as accurate as someone who has rated them all.
Why have some of my Movie Soulmates rated so many movies?
Since your movie ratings are compared with those by thousands of other users, you will share the exact same percentage of affinity with many of them. When this happens, Filmaffinity will show you those Movie Soulmates who have rated the highest number of movies, so you can enjoy more recommendations. That’s why some of your Movie Soulmates have rated so many films! And remember, the more movies and series you rate, the more accurate your Movie Soulmate matches will be, and the more useful their ratings!