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The 10th Kingdom (TV Miniseries)

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Original title
The 10th Kingdom
Running time
417 min.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Co-production United Kingdom-Germany-United States;
TV Series. Fantasy. Adventure | TV Miniseries. Sword and Sorcery
The 10th Kingdom is a contemporary drama set in a fantasy world where magic and fairy tale characters come to life. It takes the universal themes and ideas of European folklore and mythology, and presents them in an up-to-date, exciting, adventurous and enchanting way.

Our story begins when Prince Wendell – ruler of the Fourth Kingdom and grandson of Snow White – is ambushed and his wicked stepmother, the Evil Queen, swaps his body with that of a dog. Helpless in his now dog-like form, the Evil Queen begins training the new Wendell (formerly a dog) to impersonate the true Prince. She must have this Wendell (who has the human form) learn all of the true Prince’s mannerisms so that the townspeople never learn of the secret crime she has committed against their Prince. Fearful for his life, the true Prince makes an attempt to escape from the Queen. He is successful, however, he pays a price for his freedom. In his struggle to escape, he accidentally falls through a magic travelling mirror landing himself in New York. He christens this land THE 10TH KINGDOM.

As luck would have it, Wendell falls into the hands of Virginia, a waitress who chronically complains about her uneventful and monotonous life. Virginia is a typical product of the late 20th century – full of expectations about what the world has to offer, yet too insecure and fearful to do anything about it. When Wendell enters her life, he is pursued by a Terminator-like Huntsman, three hooligan Trolls, and a half-man, half-wolf with an extraordinary sense of smell. Virginia’s life is completely revamped with adventure, intrigue and danger.

The minute Wolf lays eyes on Virginia, he is immediately love-struck. Switching his allegiance from the Evil Queen, he teams up with Virginia and Wendell. The newly formed threesome joins forces with a fourth member, Virginia’s father, Tony. Tony is a chronic complainer who feels cheated by the world yet is too lazy to do anything about it.

The unlikely group of misfits returns to Wendell’s time through the magic mirror. They attempt to help Wendell regain his rightful form and kingdom. This act proves to be a difficult task, as thuggish trolls and a deadly huntsman repeatedly pursue them. However, Wendell knows that all Nine Kingdoms will fall under the terrible power of the Evil Queen, if they do not defeat her. A concerned Wendell urges the group to continue onward, despite the many obstacles they face.

During their daring voyage, Tony and Virginia discover this is not a “fairy tale” world: the inhabitants of these Nine Kingdoms are as cynical, devious and cunning as people from the 20th century. They are disillusioned by their rulers and dissatisfied with their lives. Coincidentally, these are characteristics both Tony and Virginia recognize well.

These kingdoms are filled with characters who reflect the world as we know it today; Trolls wearing leather and dreadlocks; Elf Kings and Snow Queens in bitter dispute over martial breakups; impoverished Goblins and Dwarves squandering their last gold coins on the coveted Jack Rabbit Jackpot at the Kissing Town Casino.In the Nine Kingdoms, the Happy Ever After period is well and truly over. The 10th Kingdom is the mystical reality that parallels our contemporary existence.
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The 10th Kingdom (TV Miniseries)
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