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Movies I Want to Watch (old releases)
TV Series that Got Me Hooked
TV Series that I have seen more than once
Upcoming Releases: Not to Be Missed
TV series I stopped watching
My 10 favorite Film Directors and my favorite movie of each one of them
My 10 favorite active Film Directors and my favorite movie of each one of them
My 10 Favorite TV Series of the Decade (2010-2019)
My 10 Favorite Movies of the Decade (2010-2019)
My favorite 2020 movies
My Top 10 Movies from 2019
My Top 10 Movies from 2018
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My Favorite Book to Film Adaptation
My Favorite Movie Sequels
My Favorite Remakes
The Weirdest Movies I Have Ever Watched
The Most Unpleasant Movies I Have Ever Watched
Movies I Like But Wouldn't Recommend to Everyone
Best Movies I've Seen in Theaters Lately
Movies that Don't Seem that Special but are Very Special to Me
Movies I Grew Up With
Popular Movies I Hate
Guilty Pleasures: Bad Movies I'm Into
My Favorite Blockbusters
My Favorite Comic Adaptations
My Favorite Movies from Europe & Latin America
My Favorite Asian Movies
My Favorites from the 80s
My Favorites from the 90s
Movies My Kids Love (Rated G & PG)
My Favorite Family Movies
My Favorite Teen Movies
My Favorite Animated Movies
Most Memorable Erotic Movies
Movies with an Incredible Soundtrack (OST)
Movies I Liked More the Second Time I Watched Them
Overrated Movies
Underrated Movies
Best Directed Movies
Movies with a Great Male Lead
Movies with a Great Female Lead
Movies with Great Screenplays
Movies with Amazing Cinematography
Movies with Skillful Editing
Movies with Awesome Special Effects
Movies with Impressive Art Direction
Movies with the Best Endings
Movies with the Best Beginnings (not including opening credits)
Movies with the Best Opening Credits
Funniest Movies Ever
Most Moving Movies
Movies I Have Seen A Billion Times
Little Gems: Little Known Movies I've Discovered
Best Movie Posters Ever (My Favorite Posters)
Best Movie Posters of the 2000s
Most Beautiful Movie Posters in Film History
Most Original Movie Posters Ever
Most Horrifying Movie Posters Ever
Movie Posters I Own
Sexiest Movie Posters
Worst Movie Posters Ever
My Favorite Short Films (fiction)
My Favorite Animated Short Films
Absolute Musts
Best TV Series Ever Made
Weird Films I Actually Love - Not Everybody's Thing
My Favorite British & Irish Movies
My Favorite French Movies
My Favorite Italian Movies
My Favorite Movies from Spain
My Favorite German Movies
My Favorite Swedish Movies
My Favorite Polish Films
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My Favorite Japanese Movies
My Favorite Korean Movies
My Favorite Chinese & Hong Kong Movies
My Favorite Indian Movies
My Favorite Australian/New Zealand Movies
Movies I've Watched during Pandemic
TV Series I've Watched during pandemic
TV Series with a Great Beginning which Eventually Decline
TV Series that Get Better as They Progress
TV Series with Best Opening Credits
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