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Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood

The film will focus on a shifting Hollywood landscape in the late 1960s, as the industry was starting to forget about its classic mainstays. A fictional aging TV Western star named Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) attempts to come to grips with these changes alongside his equally fictitious stunt double (Pitt). However, everything in Dalton’s life seems to link back to his Hollywood roots: he is the neighbor of actress and model Sharon Tate ... [+]
Author Review
United KingdomUnited Kingdom M
Robbie Collin
"Non-stop-extraordinary (...) [A] pure movie-world intoxication, laced with in-jokes and nibble-ably sweet period detail.(…) Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)"  POS
United StatesUnited States F
Manohla Dargis
The New York Times
""What was entirely unexpected was that 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood', would be such a moving film (...) The true jolt, though, is how melancholic the story finally plays"  POS
United KingdomUnited Kingdom M
Peter Bradshaw
The Guardian
"Tarantino has created an outrageous, disorientating entertainment (...) It’s shocking, gripping, dazzlingly shot in the celluloid-primary colours of sky blue and sunset gold (…) Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)"  POS
United StatesUnited States M
Owen Gleiberman
"A heady engrossing collage of a film — but not, in the end, a masterpiece.  NEU
United StatesUnited States M
Eric Kohn
"The filmmaker’s weirdest movie merges pre-Manson Hollywood with the looming specter of hippiedom. The result is a lopsided cultural mashup as viewed through Tarantino’s exuberant cinematic filter."  POS
United KingdomUnited Kingdom F
Fionnuala Halligan
"A visceral, expertly-crafted homage to the Hollywood’s heyday."  POS
United StatesUnited States M
David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter
"Tarantino folds the low-key buddy comedy into a lovingly recreated, almost fetishistic celebration of late '60s Hollywood, infused with color and vitality by cinematographer Robbie Richardson"  POS
United StatesUnited States M
Richard Lawson
Vanity Fair
"[A] meandering ode to a bygone era (...) There were stretches during my screening when I was a little bored, even as I was tickled by Tarantino’s offbeat cadence, his commitment to specificity and idiosyncrasy. "  NEU
United KingdomUnited Kingdom M
Lou Thomas
Den of Geek
"A lovingly crafted, sun-baked homage to '60s Hollywood full of stellar performances (...) Tarantino has created a storming hangout movie for the ages (…) Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)"  POS
United KingdomUnited Kingdom M
Kevin Maher
The Times
"Love letter to cinema is a masterpiece (...) It’s Tarantino’s most assured, yet most subtle, writing (…) Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)"  POS
United StatesUnited States M
Steve Pond
The Wrap
"Big, brash, ridiculous, too long, and in the end invigorating, the film is a grand playground for its director to fetishize old pop culture and bring his gleeful perversity to the craft of moviemaking"  POS
United StatesUnited States M
Bilge Ebiri
"It’s the most fun the director seems to have had in years, but it’s also, oddly, his most compassionate picture in more than a decade (...) A sprawling, dreamy re-creation of a moment in time."  POS
United StatesUnited States M
William Bibbiani
Bloody Disgusting
"A self-serving (...) fan fiction where men like Tarantino are unbelievably awesome, women are exactly the women Tarantino wants them to be (...), and actual history is nothing more than a setup and a punchline (…) Rating: ★ (out of 5)"  NEG
United StatesUnited States M
Gregory Ellwood
"[It] elicits a reaction no other Tarantino film has to date. In fact, it seems sacrilegious to describe it this way, but when the final (...) may be the first Tarantino film that leaves with a genuine sense of, wait for it, hope."  POS
United KingdomUnited Kingdom M
Ian Sandwell
Digital Spy
"Overlong and meandering but also lovingly crafted and brilliantly acted (...) The pacing and weaker story, combined with dialogue that doesn't have the usual zip, are what makes [it] a mid-tier Tarantino effort (…) Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)"  NEU
United StatesUnited States F
Rory O'Connor
The Film Stage
"A grand and beautifully designed set-up where seemingly insignificant details in act one lead to pivotal moments late on."  POS
United KingdomUnited Kingdom M
Lewis Knight
"Tarantino delivers his best in years (...) with a beautifully-realised cinematic odyssey (…) Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)"  POS
AustraliaAustralia M
Andrew L. Urban
"Tarantino splices together odds and ends to help collate the visual sense of the late 60s, and keeps surprising us with a screenplay as twisting as the Hollywood Hills. Design, music and editing all do Tarantino proud.  POS
AustraliaAustralia M
Anthony O'Connor
"Shaggy and indulgent, but also complex and fascinating, and offers an utterly unique experience for those willing to embrace its meandering charms."  POS
AustraliaAustralia F
Louise Keller
"A great Tarantino yarn, coloured and stretched to the filmmaker's own recipe (...) The humour is cumulative; the characters unforgettable; the violence brutal."  POS
CanadaCanada M
Norman Wilner
Now Toronto
"It’s the ninth film from Tarantino. I think I hate it. But at least he got off, and that’s the important thing. (…) Rating: ★★ (out of 5)"  NEG
CanadaCanada M
Chris Agar
Screen Rant
"Bolstered by strong performances and immersive production design, 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' is an introspective and rewarding film from Tarantino."  POS
United StatesUnited States M
Peter Howell
Toronto Star
"His ninth and most audacious movie (…) Rating: ★★★½ (out of 5)"  POS
CanadaCanada M
Andrew Parker
The Gate
"[It] is precisely the kind of love letter to old school cinema, television, music, and aesthetics that one would expect from a brainy movie brat with an eye for exceptional visuals and fine details (…) Rating: ★★★★½ (out of 5)"  POS
IrelandIreland M
Brian Lloyd
"Tarantino's deep and abiding love for both the era and the Hollywood industry itself shines through (…) Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)"  POS
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