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Transparent Musicale Finale (TV)

A 2-hour musical feature finale, which will close out the series in place of a traditional final season. In the musical Shelly (Light), Sarah (Landecker), Josh (Duplass), and Ali (Hoffmann) Pfefferman will deal with Maura’s death (Jeffrey Tambor was fired from the show in 2018 following accusations of sexual harassment on set by transgender actresses). When the Pfeffermans face a life-changing loss, they begin a journey hilarious and ... [+]
Author Review
United StatesUnited States M
James Poniewozik
The New York Times
"What we get feels and even looks, thanks to some jarring editing, like a rush job (...) [It] is a departure that hurtles out of control."  NEG
United StatesUnited States M
Hank Stuever
The Washington Post
"A weird — but occasionally wonderful — way to go (...) [It] features a lot of song and dance, some of which is drenched in self-absorbed sap and some of which is wildly and satisfyingly jubilant"  NEU
United StatesUnited States F
Robyn Bahr
The Hollywood Reporter
"Messy, gimmicky and occasionally moving (...) The conceit of Maura's death would have made a poignant denouement, but the musical element completely frustrates the storytelling"  NEG
United StatesUnited States M
Daniel D'Addario
"If shows’ last impressions are how they last in memory, 'Transparent' will be remembered for its least admirable qualities — vacillation, imprecision, flippancy."  NEG
United StatesUnited States M
Alan Sepinwall
Rolling Stone
"The groundbreaking Amazon series’ conclusion is far from perfect, but somehow, in all its flaws, it works (…) A valiant, well-meaning effort (...) Rating: ★★★½ (out of 5)"  POS
United StatesUnited States M
Ben Travers
"The 'Transparent' finale feels like a desperate flailing for attention that betrays what the show did best"  NEG
United StatesUnited States F
Danette Chavez
AV Club
"[It] is the show at its best, worst, and everything in between (...) [There are] undeniably affecting moments that demonstrate just how much the characters have grown"  NEU
United StatesUnited States F
Judy Berman
"Excruciating Musical Finale hits one false note after the next (...) Nothing ever cuts through the preciousness."  NEG
United KingdomUnited Kingdom F
Chitra Ramaswamy
The Guardian
"This game-changing, risk-taking series bows out with jazzhands, hilarious show tunes and a jaw-dropping final send-off for the Pfefferman family (…) Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)"  POS
United KingdomUnited Kingdom M
Gabriel Tate
"At its best it – and indeed the full four-season run – was transcendent; at its worst, it was unwatchable (...) Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)"  NEU
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