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Hamptons International Film Festival

About / History :
Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) is an event that was founded as a celebration of independent film, in a variety of forms, and to provide a forum for independent filmmakers with differing global perspectives.

The festival places a particular emphasis upon new filmmakers with a diversity of ideas, as a means to not only provide public exposure for festival content and its creators, but to also inspire and enlighten audiences.

HIFF is usually an annual five-day event in mid-October and is held in theatre venues located in the Long Island area of New York, United States (US). Approximately 18,000 visitors attend each festival and close to a hundred films are featured each year, including an annual representation of at least twenty countries and an awards package worth over USD$200,000.

The festival has presented films that have subsequently been considered highly successful productions; the 2008 event featured eventual winners of the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Independent Spirit Award "Best Picture" accolades, and the 2011 season consisted of 24 Academy Award nominations.

The festival is also significantly involved with other events during the remainder of the year, including screenings in other parts of New York State and an annual Screenwriters Lab.