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Fénix Film Awards - Latin-America, Spain & Portugal Cinema

About / History :
ABOUT: The Fénix Film Awards recognize and celebrate the work of those involved in film in Latin-America, Spain and Portugal. hey were delivered from 2014 to 2018. The first Fénix Film Awards ceremony took place in Mexico City, in October 2014. The last one in 2018.

The award was organized by Cinema23, an association for the promotion and dissemination of cinema made in latin-America, Spain and Portugal. It brings together a diverse group of people dedicated to cinema with outstanding achievements and recognition.

In 2019, reportedly due to "budget" constraints and in the wake of unsuccessful negotiations with the Government of Mexico City, the presenter reported the indefinite (but "not definitive") cancellation of the awards and parallel events after 5 ceremonies, bemoaning a lack of enough support from both the national and local incoming governments.

Historic Awards :
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