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Highest rated movies according to user votes: a minimum of 50 votes are required for a movie to be added to the ranking.

With the FILTER you can make your own selection of TOP movies according to the genre, country* or/and decade you choose.

You can use FILTERS simoultaneously. For example: If you only want to know ratings of canadian dramas from the 90s, select the 3 fields (Drama - Canada - from 1990 until 2000) and click on UPDATE RESULTS.

*In case of co-productions the criteria followed to determine the country is:

  1. Main Producer/Studio's country
  2. Movie language.
  3. Director's nationality.

iFILTER: select movies by genre / country / year
Country: Exclude TV Series
Year: From to Exclude documentaries
Movies are listed by average ratings in descending order
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