Overall Rankings for "My Favorite Movies"

Discover the most popular choices for this list.

Thousands of users create movie lists ("My favorite movies", "Movies I Want to See", and so on). Here we show you the ranking of the movies that appear in each one of the lists more often (See listrank link).

# of times on this list
Tips for creating useful lists:

- Start off by using Preset Lists. It's the best way to make your voice heard and interact with other movie fans.

- If you've added the "Upcoming Releases" Preset List, make sure to update it once the movie has been released. This way your recommendation for upcoming movies will stay fresh and up to date.

- Copying and removing movies from multiple User Lists at the same time is easy. Give it a try!

- Take a look at the complete Preset List and realize that there are many possibilities for cataloging your recommendations beyond the usual "My Favorite Movies".

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