Catwalk (TV Series)

Original title
Catwalk (TV Series)
Running Time
50 min.
Steve DiMarco, Ken Girotti, Bruce Pittman
Frederick Rappaport, William A. Schwartz, Jeff Vlaming
Paul Hoffert, David Hoffert
John Holosko, Richard Wincenty
Keram Malicki-Sánchez, Bruce Richardson, Paul James Bannerman, Lisa Butler, Christopher Lee Clements, Paul Popowich, Kelli Taylor, Nicole de Boer, Polly Shannon, Brenda Bazinet, Neve Campbell, Johnie Chase, David Lee Russek, Chandra West, Donald Burda, J.H. Wyman
Production Co.
Catrun Productions / Franklin/Waterman Productions
TV Series. Drama. Musical
Synopsis / Plot
Six young adults attempt to fulfill their dream of fame and fortune by putting together a pop band. Unfortunately they realize that the road to celebrity is paved with uncertainty. Their relationships ,and their music, are put to the test as they strive for love and a record deal.
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