¡Ala... Dina! (Aladina) (TV Series)

¡Ala... Dina! (Aladina) (TV Series)
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Original title
¡Ala... Dina! (Aladina) (TV Series)
Running Time
30 min.
Paco Arango (Creator), Rafael de la Cueva, Jose Pavon
Paco Arango, Javier G. Amezúa
Paco Arango
Paz Padilla, Miriam Díaz Aroca, Verónica Mengod, Darío Paso, Gary Piquer, Nathalie Seseña, Lidia San José, José Gonzálvez, Mary Carmen Ramírez, Sandra Gómez, José María Sacristán, Santiago Urrialde, Alfonso Vallejo, Lorena Bernal, Ana Obregón, Anne Igartiburu
Production Co.
RTVE / Cartel
TV Series. Comedy. Fantasy | Family Sitcom
Official Site
Synopsis / Plot
Twenty-odd hundred year old lamp genius Dina (Paz Padilla/Miriam Díaz Aroca) gets employed as a housekeeper in Tomás' (Gary Piquer) household, a family of a widower publicist and his two children Eva (Lydia San José) and Álvaro (José Gonzálvez). For fear of Dina's powers being discovered Tomás forbids her to use magic in every circumstance whatsoever. Her own helplessness, however, in adapting to her late 20th century surroundings after having been in her lamp for several hundred years, forces Dina to use her supernatural powers when dealing with her daily chores, giving rise to many comic situations and misunderstandings.
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