Ana y los siete (TV Series)

Ana y los siete (TV Series)
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Original title
Ana y los siete - Ana y los 7 (TV Series)
Running Time
70 min.
Ana Obregón (Creator), Eva Lesmes, Jaime Botella, Rafael de la Cueva, Pascal Jongen, Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia
Ana Obregón, José Luis ACosta, Carlos Asorey, Juan Flahn, Sonia Gómez
Víctor Reyes
Juan Molina
Ana Obregón, Roberto Álvarez, Juan Antonio Quintana, Silvia Marsó, Neus Asensi, Mónica Randall, Pablo Martín, Geli Albaladejo, Nadia de Santiago, Miguel Molina, Claudia Molina, Aarón Guerrero, Noelia Ortega, Nerea García, Guillermo Gallego, Alejandro Gallego, Ruth Rodríguez, Javivi, Isabel Gaudí, Marta Molina, Rocío León, Alejandra Navas, Darío Paso, Paca López
Production Co.
Star Line TV Productions S.L.
TV Series. Comedy. Drama | Family Relationships
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Synopsis / Plot
"Ana y los 7" narrates the life and the illusions of Ana, a showgirl who is employed at a club by night, who dreams of being employed at the world of the showbussiness, and of turning into a star of the cinematographic universe. Ana spent her infancy in an orphanage, she did not know a family and her more intimate longing is to form her own. For a chance, she comes to Fernando Hidalgo's house, a banker with seven children: Carolina, Nando, Amalia, Celia, Guille, Ale and Lucía. Ana remains with the work, in spite of being employed furtively at the club by night.
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