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To the Wonder
112 min.   Suggest trailer/video
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DIRECTOR Terrence Malick
SCREENWRITER Terrence Malick
COMPOSER Hanan Townshend
CAST Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem, Tatiana Chiline, Charles Baker, Romina Mondello
STUDIO/PRODUCER Magnolia Pictures / FilmNation Entertainment / Redbud Pictures
OFFICIAL WEB http://www.magpictures.com/tothewonder/
AWARDS 2012: Venice Film Festival: SIGNIS Award. Nominated for Best Film (Golden Lion)
GENRE Romance. Drama | Romantic drama
SYNOPSIS/PLOT Set over a period of years, this is the story of Neil (Ben Affleck), a failed writer stuck in a loveless marriage with a European woman called Marina (Olga Kurylenko). They seek guidance from Father Quintana (Javier Bardem), a priest frustrated by his inability to live his own life because he’s too busy advising his parishioners on theirs. The couple’s dysfunctional relationship begins to take a toll on their daughter Tatiana (Tatiana Chiline), while Neil rekindles a romance with a hometown girl Jane (Rachel McAdams) with whom he’s had a long history.
PRO REVIEWS ----------------------------------------
"Malick continues to take bold risks, courting ridicule and rapture in equal measure, with 'To the Wonder' (...) Those who can't abide Malick's spiritual reveries will steer clear, but flaws and all, this is a (...) work from a filmmaker who hasn't lost his capacity to move and surprise" (Justin Chang: Variety)
"At its best, Malick's cinematic rhapsody is glorious; during his uncertain moments, he appears to be repeating himself. But what delight there is in this film (...) Rating: **** (out of five)" (Peter Bradshaw: The Guardian)
"Perhaps there is a hidden rhythmic and thematic structure behind the facade of 'To the Wonder' (...) If so, however, it doesn’t assert itself meaningfully (...) a film that seems drained of life and ideas " (Todd McCarthy: The Hollywood Reporter)
"Less ambitious than 'The Tree Of Life', 'To The Wonder' remains 100 per cent pure, unadulterated Malick, an absorbing, thoughtful, moving meditation on the things that matter. (...) Rating: **** (out of five)" (Ian Freer: Empire)
"A beautifully empty exercise that - so glacial is the pace - makes Malick's Tree of Life look like G.I. Joe: Retaliation' (...) Rating: ** (out of four)" (Peter Travers: Rolling Stone)
"The film breaks faith with its audience by asking us to care about two profoundly antipathetic characters spouting pseudo-poetic banalities" (Joe Morgenstern: The Wall Street Journal)
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To the Wonder
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